Your Podcast Update

So I know we’ve discussed podcast recommendations here, here, and here, but new ones are popping up ALL THE TIME and here I am to help you keep up! Read on for my current top listens:

Talking in Circles

Laura Miller’s new podcast is phenomenal. She publishes interviews with friends and family about mental health issues, and somehow keeps the conversations REAL but interwoven with humor. It’s my new favorite podcast and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

An episode to try out: Episode 4: Ricky Reed on Being Married to a Depressed Person/ Me

Rough Translation

It seems like NPR makes a million podcasts and they’re all amazing. Each episode of this particular podcast focuses on an important issue we face today in America (free speech, race, etc) but from the viewpoint of another country.

An episode to try out: American Surrogate

Modern Love: The Podcast

In the podcast version of this New York Times column of “stories of loss, love, and redemption,” actors and other celebrities narrate reader-submitted essays. They can be sad, happy, funny, or often all three. At the end, you even hear an update from the author.

An episode to try out: Marry My Husband (essay by Amy Krouse Rosenthal)



Pictures via Laura Miller’s instagram, NPR, and NPR