Your Friday Round Up

It’s Almost Summer!

This song is about to become your summer body positivity anthem. “Mom jeans all day why you mad tho?”

I’m thinking about making myself a cookbook of my favorite summer recipes- DIY here if you want to make one too.


Health and Beauty

Now that Rihanna has one, are you considering a nipple piercing? All of the questions you’ve wanted to ask, answered.

Someone did the dirty work for us and found the 12 best natural deodorant options.

Made from plastic bottles, machine washable, recyclable- would you believe I’m describing shoes? And that they’re also cute?


Craving the Air Conditioning of a Movie Theater or Your Own Cozy Couch?

Wonder Woman. Enough said.

Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj has a new comedy special on Netflix where he takes you through his life and makes you laugh AND leaves you thinking about what he said. Search for “Homecoming King” to watch it this weekend.


Cocktail Party Conversation Starters

Eel robots!

Self-care: who knew it was controversial.


Have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo, the rad-ish bloggers



Photos from Rothy’s, People Magazine, and Kongsberg.