A Quick Laugh

I have been in a bit of a slump lately. I feel like I am doing everything at 110%, but the results feel more like 50%. In an attempt to reverse these feelings, I decided to go a non-conventional route and add a little more humor into my day to day. Today for example, I played a game of Fictionary with my sister. The rules? Simple. I said a word and she gave me her best definition, even if it was a bunch of “BS”. The catch? In the spirit of the start of college football season, all of the words I gave her to define were football terms…


Here are the results!


**All of the definitions were exact quotes from my sister. Do not blame her for her football knowledge…last night we had a conversation that ended with “When is the super bowl?”. Only Google could provide us with the answer.



You just break-out of the line. You just blitz on out.


Nickel Defense

The smallest guy on the team, the one that runs…he goes back on defense.



You whack the guy to your left and you run for it. 



Extremely high lob of the ball into the in zone. 



When you throw the ball into the wrong in zone. You sacked the play, ruined it.



Guy got whacked in the leg on the last play, but there is no one to take his place so he is still limping around on the field. 


Coffin Corner

Some guy is so sick but he has to defend the corner. 


Dink and Dunk

The biggest guy on the team and the smallest guy on the team do a play together that results in the big guy running through the in zone. 



The last guy. The one furthest behind the rest of the team when they make a touch down. 



Give a good straight leg kick. Spear the in zone! 



Hope this gave you a few good laughs. I can’t get over the “in zone.”


Happy Thursday!