What I’m Listening to Now

Francois and the Atlas Mountains – Perpétuel Eté

If anyone wants to take a similar photo to the one above, hit me up because it looks so fun! Maybe in the winter time when it’s cold enough to wear sweaters again. Or we could meet in San Francisco, where summers are always reliably cold.

Anyway, the sweater-connected folks above are members of the band Francois and the Atlas Mountain and their music kind of sounds like how you would expect a band who keeps a watercolor journal to sound. That is to say, soothing and cheerful, even a bit romantic but without ever mentioning butts or “taking it slow.”

The song I’ve been listening to, Perpétuel Eté, is one of the less upbeat songs but it has so many interesting noises. Like the guitar (?) that starts around the one minute mark or the pla-pling sound that starts at 3:10.

Also, there’s nothing like a good old French song to remind me how much my language skills have deteriorated since studying abroad!


HAIM – Want You Back

HAIM is a very-cool, all-female, sister band who just reinvented how to walk down a street (watch the music video below). What they are more commonly known for though, is an old-school rock pop sound.

Their lyrics are light-hearted and somewhat generic so their songs are good for a lot of ordinary activities like driving or dance parties, which I am trying to make a more ordinary part of my life. I like the lead singer’s voice and the band’s style is really on point as well.

Give their newest song/album a listen and let me know what you think!


City of the Sun – To the Sun and All the Cities in Between

I first got hooked on City of the Sun when they appeared in my Spotify weekly playlist. The song was called Young Folks and I originally thought it was going to be yet another acoustic cover of a song that was already kind-of acoustic.

All of a sudden though, my speakers started playing the most magical music. If you listen to the song, you’ll see how it builds and has these waves of sound that wash in and out. As is typical when I discover a new song, I immediately saved it and proceeded to listen to it on repeat for a month.

A more concise way to describe how the song makes me feel is that I am on a magic carpet (but not with Aladdin because he would talk too much over the music or try to sing).

The song I copied below is from their newish album and is equally great. This is just my way of sneaking in two songs when I should be sharing just one. 😉


Header image from Howls & Echoes