We’ve Got Cats On The Brain (P.S. It’s Friday!)


There were just too many cute (and weird) (and silly) (and ridiculous) cats that caught our attention this week. Enjoy the feline frenzy:

Utter bastard of a cat: this cat’s foster dad got real about what to expect from the bad, bad Mr. Biggles.

A life of freedom: watch this nature documentary about cats living in the streets of Istanbul.

Turkey voodoo: these turkeys are trying to grant this cat its 10th life.

Cat “purr-itos” and new beginnings: how cats became a new hobby and then a career for this man after the recession.


In other (non-feline) news:

Television: Master of None season 2 is out! (Do we really need to say more??)

Food: yo yo yo it’s yogurt … and it’s good for you!

Pop culture: a fascinating interview and career tips from Kim K’s assistant.

Love and relationships: we all know guys are obsessed with their beards, but maybe it’s for a good reason?! Regardless of this guy’s beard status though, we’d say he’s a keeper–check out this amazingly thoughtful proposal!

Sun’s out, guns out: finally, here’s another great reminder to let ourselves be happy and body-positive as the bikinis come out and the warmer weather kicks into full swing.


We hope you have all had a wonderful week, and wish you a sunny and relaxing weekend! See you next week!

xoxo, the rad-ish bloggers


Photos from Pet Rescue, The New York TimesDen of Geek, Sad and Useless, Zouch Magazine