Today is the Day (Friday!)

Happy Friday, all! Here are a few things that have been on our radar this week.


Have you heard?

  • ‘Tis the season of college acceptances, and here’s yet another factor to consider if you’re still deciding.
  • This interview with Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who identifies as black, reveals another challenge in the struggle for racial justice.
  • Representation matters, especially on your bookshelf. That’s why a Dartmouth student recently created an app to help find books by people of color.


Health, Beauty, and Wellness

  • A peek into Emma Watson’s beauty routine? Yes, please.
  • Don’t fret. It might be too late for new year resolutions, but we can still do mid-year resolutions.
  • Speaking of health, what are all those Buddha Bowl hashtags on Instagram about?

Just for Fun

  • Join us in time traveling to happier times in in Damascus.
  • We have good chemistry with these these sneakers (which are perfect for time traveling, by the way).
  • Lastly, if you think James Corden is hilarious and are wondering where he gets it from, look no further than this video.


Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, the rad-ish bloggers