The Weekender

Happy Friday friends!

Read Up

“You learn that while the bully can tell a story about their own humanity, the person on the receiving end doesn’t have that luxury,” and other critiques of one of our favorite podcasts, S-Town.

PSA: If you fell prey to the newest email scam (by clicking on the link), here’s what to do.

Sometimes taking a second to laugh about some Silicon Valley nonsense is just what the doctor ordered (and the comments are just as good).

Summer Fashion

The summer sandal with a heel that we’re all eyeing.

Money Fashion Power: a zine exploring how clothes are made today.

How to update a plain shirt with floral embroidery– voila!

The To Do List

What’s your spirit vegetable? (Mine’s a purple kohlrabi)

It technically claims to be “organized by cats” but we’re still intrigued by this “Caturday” event.

It’s only available in Japan, but I dare you to look at pictures of the Muji Hut and NOT start planning a move.


Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, the rad-ish bloggers


Muji Hut article via Shutterbean, pictures from Door Sixteen, Fashion Revolution, and Dirt.