Visual Diary: Baja California Eats

I am pretty sure my parents live closer to Mexico than LA, so it seemed reasonable that after 13 years of living in San Diego, they decided to go on a weekend trip to Baja California. This was my parent’s second time driving there and my first time joining them. We left San Diego around noon, drove through Tijuana, then…

Retreat Recap + Playlist

This past weekend, four of us hopped into the car and bypassed the Gilroy Garlic Festival (though not its traffic-*sigh*) in favor of a weekend in Santa Barbara. It was three days of lounging on comfy white duvets, munching on homemade bread topped with TJ’s everything bagel spice, slurping up espressos, boogie boarding, snapping photos (in my case, endless amounts),…

My California

Upon my arrival back into the U.S. of A. it only took me a few hours to realize how terribly homesick I had been for the 5 mile radius around my parents house. Here are a few of the simple things that make me love and miss my home.