Situational Songs for the Spring

Mitski, emerging from Winter hibernation just like the rest of us


Asking what I’m listening to is almost like asking how I feel. In the spirit of that and in celebration of some sunny weather, here are some songs I’ve been enjoying and the situations I’ve been listening to them in.


When the sun is out – FINALLY

Synapson – Djon Maya Maï Feat. Victor Démé (Listen here)

This song sounds like it originates from somewhere that’s warm and sunny all the time. It’s perfect for those days where your mood is instantly better because the weather is better.

To create the track, Synapson remixed a song of the same name from Burkinabé singer Victor Démé. The remix by Synapson is basically just a faster version of the original with some background beat added, which brings up a good point. Is it fair to call the song “Djon Maya Maï Feat. Victor Démé by Synapson” when it really is more like “Djon Maya Maï by Victor Démé (Synapson Remix)”? In general, how do you guys feel about hip DJs co-opting music that you might not otherwise have listened to had it not been remixed?


For remaining calm when walking down a crowded street. The weather is beautiful and everyone decided to go to the same place on the same day.

Dern Kala – Khruangbin (Listen here)

After reading about Khruangbin in the New Yorker, I was intrigued. Really, what better song is there to ensure that you keep your cool than one from an album titled “The Universe Smiles Upon You.” Khruangbin’s instrumental beats make a great background music for those busier days out.


For when adulthood hits like a brick because it’s almost summer, remember summer?

Mitski – First Love/Late Spring (Listen here)

When I’m reading the news, I coincidentally find a lot of music I like. I’m drawn to unique band names (Khrungbin) or articles with striking pictures (Mitski). It’s a similar idea behind buying wine with nice bottle designs or picking out books based on their titles (but of course, never by their covers!).

I first read about MItski in this NYT article, which also has some other really good artists to check out. When Mitski sings, it feels as though the weight of her emotions are being carried by her words through the song. It seems easy, then, to ascribe your own feelings and thoughts to her lyrics and go along for the (somber) ride.


For long sessions of lying in grass

Alt J – 3WW (Listen here)

When I first heard Alt J’s new single, I thought it would be a perfect lying-in-the-grass song, and then looked up the lyrics


There was a wayward lad

Stepped out one morning

The ground to be his bed

The sky his awning


As with my love for Alt-J, some things are just meant to be. Go on, be a wayward lad, and just enjoy the day ahead of you.


Getting through the Work Day

Branko & Mayra Andrade – Reserva Pra Dois (Listen here)

I listen to music every day while working, and Reserva Pra Dois has recently been a go-to song. So much so that it’s actually beginning to remind me of working even when I’m not at work! Maybe this would be a good time to switch songs. But before I do, you should give it a listen with your untarnished mind and let me know what you think.