Oatmeal Obsession

The other day I was filling out an application for a flash fiction writing fellowship (it’s here, if you’re interested!) and this was the last question:

Tell us one other (non-writing-related thing) about you. This could be anything–a greatest fear, an unusual hobby, a favorite song or movie, or what you had for breakfast this morning.

Oh man. I had room for one non-writing-related thing. What was the one non-writing thing I wanted these people to know about me?

Also, what had I even eaten for breakfast that morning?

But friends, inspiration struck me in the form of delicious hot cereal breakfast. Here’s my response, illustrated by fabulous breakfast-making photos. If it makes you want to give me a fellowship, well, you know where to find me.

I made the most amazing hot cereal for breakfast this morning! It’s with the hot cereal mix from Trader Joe’s, which has the terrific combination of grains so you get a great, complicated texture.
First you start your electric kettle, and put a pot on the stove with a little pat of butter in there. Then you cut up 3/4 of a banana and cook it in the butter on medium while the water boils–it’ll caramelize the banana and fill your kitchen with that amazing fried plantain/funnel cake smell, and you want a little salt from the butter anyway.

(Putting the rest of the banana into your mouth in one bite is optional, but strongly recommended.) Don’t worry about banana bits or browned butter sticking to the pot. Once the water boils, put a cup of it in with the banana and butter, add half a cup of hot cereal to that, and use the rest of the hot water to make tea in your whale mug. Cook your oatmeal on low heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally, then let it sit, covered, for a minute off of heat. The cereal comes out smelling like banana bread and being sweet enough from the cooked banana that you don’t need to add brown sugar or honey (but you could). Pop some cinnamon in there while you’re at it, or include almond butter if you want some extra protein.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to spend your day writing in your pajamas like I do. Go get ’em, tiger!