New Trend Alert: Butt Pads

In case you haven’t heard (you probably have), I’m currently studying for the MCAT. For those of you who don’t know, preparing for this milestone exam is more of a way of life than anything else. Think of finals week, and then think specifically of those few occasions where you were actually productively studying for a solid two hours. Now multiply that two hours by four per day, and then by 6.5 days a week, and then by about 4 months.


And to think that I thought working full time was exhausting. Now I have my real job and my MCAT job.


Amidst this long haul of torturing my brain learning, I have fallen back into a version of my finals-week attire, with some new additions. Since I tend to study best when I’m most comfortable, I have convinced myself that gym clothes everyday with minimal actual gym time is acceptable. This is why some genius concocted the concept of athleisure, right?! At least my feet are always happy, since I exclusively wear running shoes out of the house.


The cute purse my parents got me for Christmas that has been a workday staple? It’s pretty big, but unfortunately not big enough for my laptop and whatever fraction of the approximately 4,000 pages of reading and practice problems I decide to haul around on any given day. The only designer bags I’m carrying right now are the ones under my eyes, and my purse has been temporarily swapped out for my trusty North Face backpack, which I most definitely could live out of for a solid week if need be. Makes those extended library sessions seem almost too easy.

I’ve never been a make-up-on-the-daily kind of girl, but I’m a firm believer that a little mascara can go a long way. No time to bother with that though. Now, I’m lucky if I get out the door with a nicely bobby-pinned bun, or a simple braid; lately, it has been closer to the messy bun variety, or my personal favorite, the pencil-in-bun variety. Ask my college roommate, Snow. She knows the one I’m talking about.


I’ve been downing so much coffee that I’m pretty sure my favorite travel mug is turning into a permanent extension of my left arm. I’ve even caught a few people at work giving me a funny look, too polite to come out and ask me if what I’m pouring is my fourth or fifth cup of the day. At least they’re nice enough to keep a fresh pot in the break room at all times during my night shifts, no questions asked.


The latest accessory I’ve been rocking over the past few weeks? A butt pad. Yes, you read that right. I am officially the proud owner of what is euphemistically called a coccyx support cushion, but this is the real world we live in, so let’s all just agree to call it what it is: a butt pad. One of my MCAT course instructors recommended them at the beginning of my class, and I jokingly mentioned it to my mom, promptly forgetting the conversation as soon as it was over, because I was trying to memorize amino acid structures that night. To my surprise, slight chagrin, and utter amusement, last week I came home after a particularly brutal day to find a box on my bed containing said butt pad. I was tired, but not so tired that I didn’t immediately crack up, and then proceed to tear open the box to try it out. To say it was a life-altering moment might be an exaggeration in any normal circumstance, but since studying is my life right now, I think it’s a fair claim.


You all may be skeptical, but I promise you this: the sleep-deprived-working-adult-college-student-wannabe look? Definitely the biggest trend for all nerds everywhere since the beginning of time. It’s simply a classic, and I’m pretty sure it’s regaining momentum for the upcoming fall season (school is right around the corner!). I’m just taking it for a test drive for all you students out enjoying your summers.You’re welcome!


If nerd fashion = comfort + not giving a shit anymore, I am the trendiest trend-setter of all time. And my butt is, too. But you knew that already. 😉


Image courtesy of Twist Me Pretty