My Trick to Actually Completing Long Runs

I love the way running regularly makes me feel (calmer, happier, more creative, in control), but in the past couple months I haven’t put much effort into maintaining my running base. I recently signed up for this half marathon though, and with a nod to my busy schedule and the fact that I have done several half marathons in the past, I picked a short and sweet training schedule (not recommended unless you really enjoy the suspense of wondering if you will actually be able to finish all 13.1 miles come race day).

Since my weekday runs tend to be shorter, I knew the weekend long run would most challenge my willpower, and listening to music I hear frequently might not be enough to bribe myself into pulling on my sneakers and heading out the door. As an incentive, I started saving the episodes from my favorite weekly podcasts for the sole purpose of fueling my runs.

Here are my top three podcast recommendations, all of which really capture my attention for the length of a full run:

  1. The Call: Man Repeller’s new podcast The Call is my new favorite listen; each week host Erica Williams Simon interviews inspiring ladies about how they got where they are today, and her questions are thoughtful and so interesting. I love hearing how different people think and make decisions, so getting inside the minds of some seriously rad women is one of my favorite things. Each episode I basically gain a new role model.
  2. Savage Lovecast: On days when I need a lot of sex and relationship talk, with some important current events news thrown in, Savage Lovecast is the perfect fix. Advice columnist Dan Savage hosts, and provides sassy and on point answers to questions like “Here’s all the ways my boyfriend is a controlling asshole- should I dump him?” and “If my dad is determined to go to Russia to get a mail order bride, is it my duty to talk him out of it?”.
  3. Pod Save America: This cleverly named podcast is hosted by former Obama White House staffers, who several times a week do a rundown of all that has happened in the news in the days prior. It is a helpful way to absorb news, since they comment on everything that is going on in a sometimes grave, sometimes hilarious way. They also interview people involved in government and politics, and try to provide some perspective on what is normal these days and not.