My People Watching Problem

A year’s worth of reflection on the Copenhagen Fashion Scene:


I love Europe. I remember coming as a child and swooning over women in heels walking cobblestone streets, carrying soft leather bags and draped in some white linen or patterned silk scarf. It was a romantic scene highlighted by dappled sunlight and summer ease. These memories are mostly located in Italy, or somewhere within the Parisian arrondissements, but none the less these were my representations of Europe.


Now I can speak with more experience. After a year in Copenhagen, my scandinavian understanding of european fashion is backed by hundreds of days spent on intermixed amongst the danish breed. I have to say my expectations for the splendor of european fashion have been met and exceeded.

Copenhagen is a unique place. Although teeming with the simplicities of Scandinavian design (simple cuts, colors, and textures), fashion senses are cutting edge. Leave it to the danes to leave the house in their silk pajamas, a cheetah print coat, tortoiseshell glasses, and some white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, looking like the perfect mix of zero effort and a million bucks. Man do I love the danes.



Earlier in the year, Kenzo did a collaboration with H&M and here in Copenhagen it blew up. You might look at a brightly colored floor length fur jacket and think where in the world am I going to where that? I will tell you: anywhere! I saw people in the corner market casually grabbing veggies while donning a jacket meant for runways. Danes are daring. They aren’t afraid of print, color, or volume. Layering is key, not only because of the weather, but it also because why wear one pattern when you can wear three?

How do the danes find balance in there crazy style? I think it all comes down to their shoes. Here they keep it simple, trainers (nike and adidas especially) in white, and of course the coveted black boot. The shoes mellow out the bold fashion choices. They disguise the colors and patterns with a message that says CASUAL.



At the end of the day, there is nothing to be intimidated by when it comes to Copenhagen style. If you are wearing all black, you will easily merge into the masses. If you have on half a velour track suit, welcome to your people. If you just rolled out of bed in your silk best, you won’t be the only one. If you like fur, stripes, or florals, so does everyone else. The key is to look like you aren’t trying, and make sure you can easily switch between biking and walking…if you can’t then you will instantly be given away as an outsider.



Images from Wood Wood Spring/Summer 2017 Collection