Meet the Team: Wesley

Why did you decide to join the rad-ish?

Mostly because Abbey asked me to. I would take a bullet for Abbey.

But honestly, it sounded like a super fun project with an amazing group of ladies, and I think it captures something really special–that feeling of talking about the books and movies and art and songs you love with people you care about and admire. There’s something so exciting about finding a new band or blog or restaurant and knowing that your friends are going to love it too.

Tell us about some things you think are rad.

Poetry readings are rad. Art museums are rad. Dance parties in someone’s basement are rad. Dogs are rad. Less rad: itchy sweaters, cats that don’t want to hang out with me, flossing. I think that about sums it up.

What are you most excited to write about and feature in your posts?

Books! I’ve been reading so much amazing new (and old) fiction lately and I want the world to know.

What is your secret talent?

I’m secretly amazing at air hockey. I get super competitive about it. And also foosball.

How about something you’re bad at?

Volleyball. I’d say it’s because I’m too short, but I’m also just not coordinated that way.

How messy is your room right now?

Pretty messy! I keep piling (clean!) laundry onto my chair instead of putting it away. And I checked way too many library books out at once so now I have a big stack of them by my bed. And I’m in the middle of editing three different stories so there are random pages covered with handwritten notes all over my floor. And I washed three pairs of sneakers in the washing machine and didn’t put them away. Things have gotten a little out of hand.

Please do a line drawing of yourself for us!