Meet the Team: Snow

Why did you decide to join the rad-ish?

Having a space where me and my friends can freely write about and discuss interesting things sounds amazing. More concretely, I am excited to put my creative skills to use and help build an online smorgasbord of rad-ish thoughts and ideas.


Tell us about some things you think are rad.

Animals (especially jellyfish), fruits (especially apples), plants (especially trees), baths, art history, all things public policy and economics, and last but not least, understanding other people’s perspectives


What are you most excited to write about and feature in your posts?

To be able to reflect on things that I would not have otherwise reflected on (aka try and think about new things).  Also, to improve my photo taking skills (on my phone…does that count? Please say yes).


What is your secret talent?

Selling things online. Sometimes I have too many things, but am too lazy to get rid of them so I am instead motivated to sell them.


Guitar that I haven’t played for 4+ years because my hands are too small (sold)

Clothes I never wear (sold)

That one textbook from that one class from a few years ago (sold)


How about something you’re bad at?

Doing things that require precise mind-body connection like learning a dance routine (e.g. when my college housemates planned a flash mob for a house party). I would rather flail my arms aimlessly to music.


How messy is your room right now?

My tiny room is currently clean, but the bed is unmade because I believe in the art of simultaneously making the bed and climbing into it.


Please do a line drawing of yourself for us!