Meet the Team: Bianca

Why did you decide to join the rad-ish?

the rad-ish is a platform where I can share my quirky, curious, and sometimes crazy thoughts and ideas in contribution with some of my closest friends. Hopefully pushing me to experience new things, and above all to write about them which I find equal parts extremely terrifying and satisfying.

Tell us about some things you think are rad.

Steep staircases, potato chips with cream cheese, desolation wilderness (primarily reading about people surviving it), tassels on the hems of jeans, hiking for panoramic views.

What are you most excited to write about and feature in your posts?

I am most excited to talk about things that I come across during the week. Whether they are one liners I read, or photos, I think it will be cool to share the moments that make me “take a second look” or give me a bit of inspiration.

What is your secret talent?

I can tailor clothing (shoutout to grandma for teaching me).

How about something you’re bad at?

I am very bad at putting on my own makeup. I am terrible at it, so instead of trying to get better I just don’t wear it.

How messy is your room right now?

My room is pretty clean, most of the furniture is white though so that might enhance the sterile feeling… I also think that my carpet makes the best table. I do everything on it from sitting and eating dinner to attempting to perfect my handstand. It is important that I keep my carpet clean…it leaves more room for activities.

Please do a line drawing of yourself for us.