Meet the Team: Abbey

Why did you decide to join the rad-ish?

I’ve been looking for a creative outlet for a long time and I love reading cooking, DIY, fashion, and lifestyle blogs. Following blogs is like my own form of celebrity worship (haha). I finally realized if I wanted to be a real  part of the lifestyle blog field, I had better jump right in!

Tell us about some things you think are rad.

Tea definitely. Also dogs, cheese, Pacific Madrone trees, paddling around in the ocean, running (slowly), dance parties, and podcasts. Fall is my favorite season and plumerias are my favorite scent.

What are you most excited to write about and feature in your posts?

I think that taking excursions to later write about for the blog will be a really cool way to explore the area where I grew up and am now exploring as a semi-adult. Featuring musical artists will also be a blast since I love making and listening to music. I am making it a goals to take most of the pictures that I will use in my posts since I would love to learn more about photography in general and editing specifically.

What is your secret talent?

If I am in a new place and there is either some topographical variation of a nearby body of water, I am usually pretty good at knowing where I am and finding my way around. This is not an infallible talent, however.

I can also eat a whole carton of strawberries in one sitting, easily.

How about something you’re bad at?

Getting dressed really quickly.

How messy is your room right now?

Actually, on a 1-10 scale where 1 is spotless and 10 is completely covered, I’m at a 2.5. Nice!

Please do a line drawing of yourself for us.