In Defense of YA Fiction

Let’s be real for a second. I will NEVER be too old to read young adult fiction/fantasy and it will probably always be my favorite genre. I’m pretty sure I spent at least half of my childhood living through fantasy books (shoutout to author Tamara Pierce). The adventures, the fights, the magic. The very clear Good and Bad People. The feeling that you’re involved in something much bigger than yourself. The intense fear and anxiety at the beginning of a quest that must turn into the biggest endorphin rush once you slay the monster/find some wisdom/save your friends from certain death (hmm, this last situation sounds a little like finals week now that I think about it).

Anyways, after my brother reread the Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and Percy Jackson series last month I realized he was onto something. And now I’m here, eight books deep in a ten book/two part series. I’ve even started looking forward to my daily commute since it means I get to lean up against smelly strangers and bury my head in my books.

So I’m curious- what did you read as a kid? Do you still love returning to old favorites?

  2 comments for “In Defense of YA Fiction

  1. Katie
    October 12, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    Picture 80-year-old KT sitting in her rocking chair, with thick glasses perched on the end of her nose, powering through Harry Potter for the sixtieth time…it will happen, guaranteed.

  2. Snow
    October 3, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    I am obsessed (and still am obsessed) with the Gilda Joyce and Enola Holmes series:

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