I Turned 24: Week in Pictures

It started off with a long run, where I saw these beauties.

Morning commute shadows.

My Monstera is settling in to its new spot so well! What a cutie.

Much needed dinner, wine, and movie night with Wesley.

And her adorable kittens!

Did you know cats did this??

But the REAL excitement of the night happened at 2 am when our neighbor’s water main broke, and water was shooting forty feet into the air.

My watercolor teacher makes MAGIC.

Big work event this week, and I got to help pull these little bouquets together.

24th birthday breakfast decor- this little pewter cup has my name and birthday engraved on it <3

This was the last weekend our neighborhood pool was open so of course we went everyday.

Angel food cake!

Cake x2 plus a game night with sweet friends.

Turkeys on a Sunday morning walk.

And that’s my week!