Friday? More like Fri-yay!

If your memorial day weekend plans involve ….


Going on a Date

Republique seems to one of the hottest places to eat in LA. It’s located in a 1920’s building and would be the perfect place to meet up.

If it’s not going to so well though, here are the best ways to end a truly awful date. People always give you tips on how to have a good date, but you might need to escape too, right?



Seeing a Movie

First, familiarize yourself with this list of movies that will be playing this weekend.

Then, read some bad reviews on movies not to watch.

Finally, if you’re watching a movie with CGI (aka every movie in theaters now), check out this article on the Beauty and the Beast Movie to see what Gaston really looked like and be even more impressed with Emma Watson’s acting prowess.




For those of you who love vintage but also love online shopping (see above fruit pants).

If you prefer a sleek new raincoat instead, here’s one that will surely keep you dry for June Gloom


Chilling at Home

Get inspired for those art projects that you haven’t had time for until now.

Lastly, don’t forget to relax and spend some quality time off the computer. 🙂


We hope you enjoy the three day weekend, whatever it is you may be doing!

xoxo, the rad-ish bloggers


Photos from Republique, Dusty Rose Vintage, and Adobe. Man Repeller article found via Cup of Jo.