Friday I’m in Love


We’re all busy, but the weekend (or le week-end as the French say) is an opportunity to wind down, catch up on your favorite podcasts, and maybe go on a picnic or two. But you don’t have to do it alone—we’re here to help guide you in the right direction!


Our inspiration this week comes to us in the usual form of fashion drawings and dinosaurs.


One podcast that we’ve been loving lately is Woman of the Hour, hosted by Lena Dunham, pictured below (she is not a dinosaur).


For that picnic this weekend, we’re thinking that sunglasses are a must, along with a cute top (that may or may not match the picnic blanket) and maybe some bright pillows.


Or maybe you’d prefer to start a debate with your friends… technology: Friend or Foe? Speaking of debate, could someone please point our president to this article?


We hope that last link didn’t stress you out too much. To make up for it, we’ll leave you with this NYT guide on how to be better with stress.

Have a grape weekend!!!


Photos are copied directly from the linked webpages.