Five Halloween Movies that Aren’t that Scary

Happy October! If you’ve already gotten your Halloween costume picked out and changed your twitter handle to celebrate (it’s a thing!), then here are some good spooky movies that aren’t too scary.

For the record, I really like scary movies, but sometimes that’s just not your jam–you’re having friends over and want to be able to chat and eat popcorn without ruining the *spooky mood* or you don’t want to weird out your hot Halloween date by jumping into their lap. Whatever your reason, ol’ Skeleton Wesley’s got your back.

Pictured: me on October 1

      1. Rocky Horror Picture Show
        A friggin’ classic. If you’ve got a whole evening to spare, go to a live show with a shadow cast for the full experience–if not, just have some friends over, pour a big bowl of boo chips, and follow young Janet and Brad on their thrilling and sensual adventure. I strongly recommend starting with the original, but if you already know how to do the Time Warp, then check out the remake and watch Laverne Cox slay (literally) as Dr. Frank N. Furter.
      2. Young Frankenstein
        This one’s just silly, and your dad probably likes it. If you want to watch something that’s in black and white so trick or treaters think you’re classy when they walk past your house, but you absolutely don’t want to be scared, then Young Frankenstein is perfect.
      3. Cabin in the Woods
        You might actually get scared watching Cabin in the Woods, but it’s worth it. The movie starts as a basic college kid slasher movie: five friends head out into a creepy cabin, drink a lot, and then weird shit starts happening. But from there it takes a totally new direction. This is an extremely self-aware horror comedy that takes aim at a bunch of silly slasher tropes and features a young Chris Hemsworth jumping into a lake. If  you’re looking for something with a great mix of laughs and screams that turns the horror genre on its head, then grab a six pack and start Cabin in the Woods.
      4. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
        Another fun horror comedy! Tucker and Dale vs. Evil recasts the “creepy rednecks kidnap a hot girl” horror trope as a series of innocent and extremely gory misunderstandings. Yes, there is a scene with a wood chipper. No, you won’t be too scared to sleep afterwards. Yes, it stars the eminently lovable Alan Tudyk. Just go check it out.
      5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
        There’s an ongoing debate in my house whether this is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie, but here’s my vote: it’s both. Let me tell you a story. Once, growing up, my sisters and I got to go to Disneyland on the night when they switch everything in the park from Halloween to Christmas: during the day, everything had pumpkins on it, and at night, it started fake snowing and there was snow on the roof of Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Santa was there. It was the most magical moment ever in the happiest place on earth. When you get back from your Halloween party on the 31st this year and feel a little sad peeling off your sexy Jon Snow costumeThe Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect reminder that there’s more joy yet to come.