Culture Via Text

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) includes more than 34,000 pieces of art. It’s hard to even picture the physical reality of that number, let alone think about how a museum could could make that much art accessible to museum-goers.

Luckily, someone had the genius plan to create “Send Me SFMOMA.” Here’s how it works: just text the number 572-51 and say “Send me (blank).” The (blank) could be a word or an emoji, and in response the museum sends back a corresponding piece of art with the artist, title, and year it was created.

Try it out! It’s pretty exciting to wait for the picture to arrive and see how they connected your description to a piece of art. I also think it is so great that the SFMOMA is making its art accessible to the public in this way. Often museums are decently expensive and this way anyone with a cellphone and texting ability can see at least a small percentage of the SFMOMA’s amazing collection.