Convince Me To Switch to a Digital Calendar

I have tried to kick started my life on Google Calendar officially 3 times.

The first was four years ago, when I finally replaced my archaic Macbook and decided it was time to go digital. I placed all of my “to do’s” and deadlines on my google calendar, threw away my agenda, synced my phone, and figured I would now reach a new superhuman level of efficiency. It lasted about 3 weeks. It was an abrupt decline of usage after my phone ran out of memory. In the toss up between a video montage of my sister doing karaoke and my Google Calendar App, Google was the first to go (I don’t regret my decision). 

The second time I decided to switch to Google Calendar was when I graduated from college and transitioned to the real world of adulting. A digital calendar was suppose to keep me social, but avoid those awkward moments of double booking. At first it was everything that I needed it to be. I set alarms. I added reminders. I even included my entire family’s birthdays. It felt like the system was perfect. After a few months however my motivations wore out. I stopped using my phone as much as I had in the past (which I thought was a good thing) and as a result stopped adding my events. In no time I was back to relying on my memory. 

The final time I tried to switch to google calendar was back in August. I just started graduate school and figured I could use it to keep track of assignments and balance my life between schooling and my part time job. I think my head was in the right place. I used it for a week. I was annoyed that I needed my phone to feel sane and on task. I was using my phone more than ever. I started taking out my laptop during class, and was getting easily distracted. I decided that it just wasn’t going to work for me. 

I applaud the fellow digital calendar users. I am envious when your phone reminds you to send in your rent check or that you have a paper due in a week. I am impressed by those who block out their digital lives to the point where their calendars have boxes title “free time” or “me time.” I am sticking to my little black book. Where there is an ongoing list of things I need to do, places I need to be, and people I need to see. Somehow I make it work! 




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