Brownies à la Katherine Hepburn

Do you find yourself cycling through brownie recipe after brownie recipe?

Have you been thinking of exclusively making cupcakes instead?

Or maybe you’re thinking of becoming vegan?

Before you do any of the above, please try out this brownie recipe.


I love these brownies because they are fudgy and warm. The crust is chewy. They melt in your mouth. Yummmm. I’ve made these brownies a couple of times over the past few months and they are amazing—on both the day they come out of the oven and the days after (if there are any left by then!). Plus, everyone loves a good recipe with a story behind it.



Ingredient Army :

½ cup cocoa

½ cup butter (1 stick)

2 eggs

1 cup sugar

¼ cup flour

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pinch of salt





Steps to World Domination using Brownies


Step 1: Preheat oven to 325 degrees.


Step 2: Melt butter and cocoa powder together in saucepan. Let mixture cool and add eggs one by one.


Step 3: Mix sugar, flour, and salt together.


Step 4: Combine the two mixtures.


Step 5: Pour into greased 8×8 inch pan. Bake for 30 minutes.


Step 6: Enjoy! And don’t forget to share.


Recipe courtesy of the New York Times

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  1. Abbey
    May 6, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Trying these TONIGHT!

    • Marcy
      May 8, 2017 at 2:15 pm

      So-o-o delicious! Lucky for me she didn’t forget to share!

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