Birthday Pie

My boyfriend is one of those strange creatures who doesn’t like cake. It’s not even a feeling of dislike, more of vague indifference. Which is not exactly what you look for as a reaction to a birthday baked good. So, mud pie (what’s not to like- chocolate? coffee ice cream??) came on my radar three years ago, back in the college days where I lived with all my friends and Katie was our resident procasti-baker and we all made him this great mud pie (throwback picture from that actual day).

The next semester, I flew down to Chile to study abroad and completely missed the approximately 14,352 friends’ birthdays for which, as requested, Katie made mud pie. I still hold a grudge that they made it so many times without me to the point that Katie refused to cook it all of senior year, but whatever. #notbitter

Above you can see this year’s whipped cream-less version, which is looking a little worse for the wear since we had already started slicing it by the time I remembered to snap a picture. Anyways, you can find the easy peasy recipe here! Make it ahead of time for your own peace of mind, and so that it has enough time to refreeze before serving.