Artist Feature: Alex Siegel

A year and a half ago, I took a magical college class on California native plants in which I got to travel around the state and go on hikes with 23 other amazing humans. I first met Alex Siegel when he showed up to one of our camping trips (his sister was in my native plants class) and participated in one of our nightly jam sessions. It was pretty normal for our group to hold spontaneous bluegrass “concerts” around a fire or in a sweet smelling meadow (we even crammed an upright bass into our van a couple of times), but that night was especially lovely. We all crowded beneath the stately branches of an oak, a string of battery powered fairy lights draped on a branch, and played and sang late into the dusky night.

Alex added a really great sound that night, and we even got to hear some of his own amazing songs. So, I am very excited to tell you all that he just released Röykkä, a full album of chill songs that would probably fit into the indie folk/pop genre? Whatever it’s called, I’ll be bouncing lightly to these songs for the rest of the summer. Fun fact: although he’s based in Santa Monica, he wrote the songs while traveling in Japan, Russia, and Ukraine, and recorded them in Finland.

You can download Röykkä here, or listen to it below:

Album artwork by Madeleine Siegel and taken from Bandcamp.