Amazon Music is Free, Y’all

I am bad at saving money. I buy coffee way too many times a week and have been known to sign up for gym memberships and then barely use them. But I also hate services that automatically take money out of my bank account every month (which is why I’ll be using my parents’ Netflix account until I die–thanks, Mom!). So I’ve been dragging my feet on getting Spotify Premium forever.

But I recently discovered Amazon Music and it’s basically the best. If you or someone who loves you has Amazon Prime (thanks again, Mom!), then you have access to a free, ad-less music streaming service already! There’s a paid version that offers more music, but the free version has a bunch of bands, playlists and customizable stations, and I can download music on my phone for offline listening.

I listen to music for hours at a time when I’m writing; my headphones help me form a barrier
against the world so I don’t stop mid-sentence and get a snack instead of finishing a story. My top priority for music streaming services is finding playlists or music stations that keep the songs coming indefinitely, so I don’t have to lose my flow in order to pick my next album.
If you’re a music junkie and you need to have every band at your fingertips all the time, then this probably isn’t for you. But if you want to listen to a bunch of music, with no ads, for free, then it’s worth checking out. It’s the perfect soundtrack for patting yourself on the back for saving $4.99 a month while drinking your $6 chai latte.