the rad-ish is a platform we want to use to share with each other (and you!) all of the rad things we find in art, culture, music, fashion, food, literature, travel, and more.

Our Team

We are group of five lady friends living near and far who hope to stay in touch and make some new friends with the rad-ish. Read on for more about us!



Abbey is a San Francisco Bay Area native and a proud UC Berkeley graduate (go Bears!). She is an ecologist by training and mainly interested in restoration, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, and equitable water use. On the other hand, she’s been a crafter from a young age and loves baking bread while having dance parties.

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Wesley is a short story writer from the Bay Area who works for publishing company during the day. She was born a huge nerd and worked as a physics and calculus tutor while majoring in neurobiology at UC Davis. Now she spends her free time walking her dog, reading, and talking about books.

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Having recently graduated from UC Berkeley armed with a degree in economics, Snow is currently living in the heart of Silicon Valley and spends her weekdays discussing data with health policy researchers. She is looking forward to explaining Medicare benefits to her friends in 45 years.  Outside of work, you can find Snow lying in bed (most likely), eating fruit, or going on mini road trips. 

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After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, Katie returned to her hometown in Orange County for a change of pace and some much-needed Vitamin D. Currently, she spends her days (and nights) hanging out with ER docs in the hope that some of their awesomeness will rub off on her. When she’s not holed up in the hospital, you can usually find her napping, studying, or running on the beach.

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Bianca grew up in Columbus, Ohio, but will claim her life to be forever in California. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture, she made a temporary jump to Europe to pursue a career in Architecture with a Danish firm. She spends most of her free time absorbing all available sunshine which sometimes usually involves aimless walking and multiple coffee breaks.

You can read more about Bianca here.