A Classic Chris Brown Complex

The other day I was talking about Kanye West with a friend. The conversation was about his music; both of us are huge fans, but we ended up in a debate about his character. Is Kanye West a good person? To be honest I have no idea. I barely follow the media these days and what I do hear is probably some minuscule detail that has been blown way out of proportion. However my friend firmly stood behind the idea that he wasn’t the nicest guy. Which led me to ask him how you can support someone as an artist if you don’t support him or her as a person? He didn’t know. But the truth is that I think we all do it. It’s a classic Chris Brown complex.

Lets be honest, I know Forever will eventually play when you hit the shuffle button on your playlist, and there’s no doubt we all have some middle school memories from Say Goodbye. But can we admit to our nostalgia after the Chris Brown Rihanna incident of 2009? No one wants to say they support someone like that? So when is it okay to separate the art from the artist? I feel like my Chris Brown complex can be related to too many things in my life and stretch beyond musician and into food, politicians, athletes and corporations. But is that okay? I genuinely am at the point where I think it’s unavoidable! Coming from a person who feels terrible about their life choices after writing these 200 words, how can I do better?

Examples of other Chris Brown complexes that I contribute to:

  • Supporting Nike after the sweatshop scandal
  • Eating Doritos because they are owned by Monsanto
  • Buying that 10$ H&M T-shirt that used hundreds of gallons of water
  • Crushing on Ryan Lochte even though he might be a serious liar? (Still questioning this one, might not know all of the facts)


This list could go on, but I am going to stop it here… I am feeling a little guilty


Image credits to Billboard