Heya friends. This week felt loooooooong but now we’ve made it to the weekend! Congrats. Enjoy the following:

A delicious drink I drank. Pretty right? No link, just a reminder that beaches and prettiness exist.

Judy. Dench. RAPPING.

Views from Saturn, nbd.

This custom wallpaper creating duo and their website BLEW ME AWAY. Anyone else wanna make gorgeous wallpaper and then take pictures of our creation in clothes that match the walls? hmu

Washington Post in the running for Most Ominous Headline of the week (and a cool biological ~mystery~).

I get so tired of reading about how millennials should quit their avocado toast habits for 561 years so they can afford to buy a house in SF *eye ROLL*. Luckily this article was more sympathetic to millennials and recommends that we should all sleep more and not let anyone sleep shame us.



Pics via me (Abbey), Minnesota Monthly, and me.